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As Friends Rust

Damien Moyal vocals
Tom Rankine bass
Joe Simmons guitar
Floyd Beckham guitar
Zach Swain drums

Consisting of former members of Culture, Morning Again, Roosevelt, and Shai Hulud, the Gainesville, FL, troupe of As Friends Rust integrates their hybrid punk and emo influences to result in a styling of melodic hardcore. Although critically compared to the likes of Turning Point, Dag Nasty, and Avail, their lyrical dealings of personal relationships and how people interact with each other makes As Friends Rust stand out among their peers. Goodlife Records released the band's debut EP, The Fists of Time, in 1998, followed by the their self-titled full-length on Doghouse Records in 1999. A split with Discount was issued two years later, followed only months later by the full-length Won. The EP A Young Trophy Band in the Parlance of Our Times appeared in 2002 through Equal Vision. In early 2002, lead singer Damien Moyal exited the group, and the remaining members eventually decided that they would not break up, but instead change their name to mark a fresh start with a new vocalist. By September, As Friends Rust was dubbed Salem.

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