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Kevin Baker vocals
Tim Cossar guitar
Adam Wentworth guitar
Matthew Daniel Woods bass
Ries Doms drums

Introducing... Bars, formed by individuals steeped in hardcore/punk history, the band has offered up an album that is a stripped-down, sonic onslaught. The debut is laden with a pissed-off rock n’ roll swagger that is as pummeling as it is catchy. Regardless of perspective or expectations, Bars make rock n’ roll, and make it explode.

Formed in the summer of 2002 the Boston quintet pooled their influences and channeled them into a raw, focused outlet absent of gimmicks or facades. After a few rehearsals and in between touring schedules (of Give up the Ghost, The Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File), they began writing songs with only one goal in mind; start a band that is truly no frills punk rock. As things started to fall into place, the first handful of ideas quickly grew into 10 songs displaying the influence of such bands as The Dead Boys and Entombed.

After sending demos to Equal Vision Records, the label put Bars in the studio with producer Jim Siegel at the Outpost (Stoughton, MA). The result was Introducing…, an album brimming with razor sharp punk tunes that incorporates the musical influences of The Misfits and Queens Of The Stone Age. Vocally, Bars is about as straightforward as a fist in the face. Drawing comparisons to Tim Singer and Henry Rollins, Kevin Baker directs the sonic assault of Bars like a laser-guided weapon set to the tune of disenchantment, paranoia and defiance.

Starting off the album is “Bright Lights For Demise”, is an instant sing-a-long of pissed off aggression and guitar licks unheard in today’s current rock scene. On “Toecutter”, the listener is taken on a ride of riffs that is both punishing and memorable homage to start-stop riff masters Helmet. “Type Face Love Letter” shows that guitar hooks that were once on mainstream radio are now more than ever sorely missed and that’s the point. To take the past and making it relevant today.

No other band puts the rock n’ roll back in the scene better than the Bars. Introducing... is the revival of 80’s punk and hardcore. Fans will soon be searching out Black Flag and Discharge to see what they were missing and thanking the Bars.

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