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Before Today

Victor Fuentes vocals, guitar
Michael Fuentes drums
Joe Tancil guitar
Mitchell Ballatore bass

In a small bedroom in San Diego , plastered with posters of favorite bands, ticket stub memories, and a drum set that was bought at a local swap meet for fifty bucks, four teenage friends were born into a future of fast paced, melodic punk. Out of the need for a release of creativity and aggression, Before Today was formed in December of 1998. Since then, the band has been striving on opportunities to explode out of their 10x10 foot practice room onto any stage possible. Their mixture of poetic lyrics are combined with complex guitar and vocal melodies to create a powerful sound that is both aggressive and refreshingly clean. Their energy is fueled by a creative and energetic rhythm section. A strong diversity of influences becomes apparent as you listen to the many different elements in their songs.

In the fall of 2006, brothers Victor and Michael from Before Today went on to form Pierce The Veil.

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