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Daniel Wand Vocals
Ryan Knowles Guitar
Andrew Tamayo Drums
Chris Darton Guitar
Joey Toarmina Bass

San Diego, CA’s Capsize has announced their signing to Equal Vision Records and premiered a music video for their new song “I’ll Take The Blame”. The video, which was directed by Tyler Ross (of Being As An Ocean), can be seen now on

The track comes from I’ve Been Tearing Myself Apart, a new two-song release from the band, which is out now through digital retailers and will be out soon as a 7” vinyl, in four color variants: white (limited to 150), coke bottle clear (limited to 150), transparent blue (limited to 150) and black (limited to 50). Black and blue variants will be available on tour only, while the white and coke bottle clear variants will be available exclusively through MerchNOW.

“We could not be more excited to finally release new music and continue to grow as a band. We spent last December on the road to and from the studio, where we worked with Brian Hood at 456 Recordings in Nashville, TN on the new tracks. We're super happy with the outcome of our time there. Right when we got home we shot a video with our best friend Tyler Ross, from Being As An Ocean. We're already really deep in the writing process for our full-length and are anxious to get back in the studio,” shares Capsize vocalist Daniel Wand. “The new songs are the perfect transition into a new chapter of the band that we have been working towards for a really long time.”

He continues, “Putting out music through Equal Vision Records -a label that we have all respected since we were getting into underground music - is truly a rewarding experience. Having any association with bands that were once a part of it like Converge, Armor For Sleep, Refused is just wild, really. It's awesome to see Bane releasing a final record this year on Equal Vision as well. We can't thank Dan and the rest of the EVR team enough for taking us in and having faith in our band."

Capsize initially formed in 2009 and is now comprised of Daniel Wand (vocals), Ryan Knowles (guitar), Andrew Tamayo (drums), Chris Darton (guitar), and Joey Toarmina (bass).

The melodic hardcore outfit will begin recording their debut full-length album in May with Jay Maas at Getaway Recordings in Haverhill, MA. Prior to recording, the band will head out on a west coast run supporting Being As An Ocean, followed by a coast-to-coast headliner with Choir Vandals. To date, Capsize has toured and shared stages with the likes of More Than Life, No Omega, The Elijah and more.

“I just want to make people feel like they are not wrong or weird for feeling depressed or lonely,” reveals Daniel. “I will never try to convince anyone that I can sing them out of their problems, I just really like the idea of letting people in a dark place know that there's other people dealing with the exact same thing. Even the person they are paying money to see on stage. I would like to be able to take some weight off of a kids shoulders without bullshitting him into thinking I'm a hero just 'cause I have the microphone.”

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