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For All I Am

Aria Yavarinejad Vocals
Tom Crisp Guitar
Mario Roche Bass
Aaron Martinez Drums

After the powerhouse year that followed the self-release of Lone Wolf EP and the announcement of being signed to Equal Vision Records, Chicago, IL’s For All I Am officially made their worldwide debut on January 22, with the release of their massively impressive first full-length album: Skinwalker. Skinwalker was recorded with producer Will Putney [Chiodos, For Today, Like Moths to Flames] at The Machine Shop Studios in Belleville, NJ. The album title comes from the term “skin-walker”, which references a person with the ability to transform into any animal supernaturally; However, For All I Am offers a reinterpretation of the meaning for their album. Yavarinejad explains, “A lot of the lyrics I wrote are based around the idea of a person seeming like someone they’re not. Our drummer Aaron [Martinez] brought up the word skin-walker one day and I immediately thought of using it as a way to explain those kinds of people that you can’t tell who or what they are, and everything they do or say is deceiving. And we also apply it in a second way on the album, pushing people to be who they want to be and whatever they desire. Like a skin-walker having the ability to turn into any animal they wish , you can achieve your dreams and fill your desires of being whoever you want to be.”

Shining on Skinwalker is For All I Am’s incredible ability to flawlessly juxtapose and intertwine the dynamic, bonecrushing explosions of Yavarinejad’s guttural screams, growls, and highs with the haunting melodies of guitarist/clean vocalist Chase Wagster’s soaring croons. Whether carrying listeners on a powerful, passionate journey of broken relationships, exhausted friendships, the loss of a loved one, or the band’s dominant stance against the injustices and apathy present in society and music today – For All I Am will undoubtedly turn heads with the release of Skinwalker; All further fueled by the band’s endless passion, drive, talent and commitment to music and touring. Since the release of Lone Wolf, For All I Am has already racked up an impressive tour resume, including runs with We Came As Romans, Texas In July, Sleeping With Sirens, The Plot In You, Attila, Our Last Night and more. The band wrapped up 2012 with a spectacular performance at the 20 Bands of Christmas Festival with Like Moths To Flames, The Color Morale and more in Palatine, IL; And kicked off 2013 with a US tour alongside The Color Morale and has been on the road nearly non-stop since the start of the year.

For All I Am has released two official music videos to date, teaming up with for the exclusive premiere of their first ever music video, for “Overthrown” off of Lone Wolf, which has received over 223k views across all media platforms. The band’s most recent music video for “Oppressor” off of Skinwalker has already received over 21k views in less than a month and is available now on Youtube. For All I Am was named as one of the ‘100 bands you need to know in 2012’ by Alternative Press and has been featured in Rock Sound, Outburn, Hails & Horns, AMP, Substream Music Press magazines and more.

“We want to show the world that you can be yourself and accomplish anything your heart desires if you put the work into it,” Yavarinejad expounds. “Everything we deal with in our lives gets expressed in our music. Every song has a struggle or a meaning that others can relate to. We are here for the brokenhearted, for anyone who has ever felt alone, and for anyone who feels like they have nowhere to go. We want people to be able to turn to our music and find comfort in it. For All I Am is about being strong and holding onto what you believe in for yourself. Most people these days are scared to do stuff because of what others say, but we believe in individuality and just being yourself.”

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