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Liars Academy

Ryan Shelkett vocals, guitar
Chris Camden bass, vocals
Fred Fritz guitar, vocals
Evan Tanner drums

Liars Academy boasts powerfully crafted rock n roll layered with poignant melodies, irresistible hooks and earnest lyrics - a combination all too rare in "underground" music today. In keeping with this direct musical approach, Liars Academy has built a foundation on an amazing live show, impressive early releases, growing in an organically focused manner, oblivious to trends and gimmicks.

Liars Academy first showed up on the underground press radar (outside its native Baltimore, that is) with the 2001 debut release, No News Is Good News. Honing a live show and pushing one another creatively yielded a notable progression in the form of 2002's Trading My Life. Though it hinted at the band's previous formative work, the EP was clearly Liars Academy's first foray into serious songwriting and the first steps toward a singular identity.

Extensive touring followed, including stints with Fairweather, Elliott, and Brandtson, as well as regional appearances with Jets to Brazil, Christiansen and Bear Vs Shark throughout 2003. Triumphant performances at CMJ, New Jersey's massive Surf and Skate Fest, and Macrock have cemented the band's live reputation with an ever-expanding audience.

For its sophomore album Demons, Liars Academy joined forces with producer J Robbins (Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Jawbox, Government Issue), bringing forth a mature and honest display the band hardly knew they had in them. Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Shelkett gives a particularly cathartic performance, exorcising ghosts and confiding innermost secrets throughout the likes of "Dying As Fast As I Can," "Microtron," "Ghosts of Baltimore" and the oddly playful "People Are Games. Autobiographical themes of despair, regret, hope and redemption abound, complementing a superlative musical performance, making Demons Liars Academy's defining release.

Liars Academy broke up in 2005, and formed the short-lived band Midnight Revival. However, in late 2006, the band reformed, added two members (Eric Fauver & Bryan Elliott) and began playing under the moniker of Liars Academy once again.

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