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Naive Thieves

Cameron Thorne Vocals, Guitar
Levi Audette Lead Guitar
Kyle Garcia Bass/Backing Vocals
Ian Maloney Drums/Backing Vocals

"Performing is the most rewarding and exciting thing we can do," shares Naive Thieves . "When we are on stage, we are living in the moment and sharing in something we hope will last longer than our set time - if anything we hope that while we are on stage, people can let go and enjoy themselves as much as we are."

Naive Thieves will have the chance to do just that while on their full US run with From Indian Lakes, which will include a stop in Austin, TX for SXSW, where the indie quartet will perform as an Official Artist. To date, Naive Thieves has shared stages with the likes of The Dear Hunter, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, O' Brother and more.

The Riverside, CA-based outfit will release their debut full-length album, Vámonos, on April 29 through Cave & Canary Goods, an Equal Vision Records’ imprint founded by The Dear Hunter’s Casey Crescenzo. The album was recorded in the Greater Los Angeles Area, with Crescenzo serving as producer.

On their new ten-track album, vocalist Cameron Thorne’s smooth vocals weave over intriguing instrumentations, creating a shining vintage 50s/60s pop sound. The band's incorporation of a wide variety of unique instruments - including upright, baby grand, and tac-pianos, a lap steel, an omnichord and alto and tenor saxophones - further contributes to the impressive sonic depth and warmth of the band's sound, while perfectly placed piano and guitar melodies add crisp, classy tones to their haunting musical ambience.

The album's title, Vámonos, alludes to the three year gap between the release of their debut, self-released EP, Le Sheik Rhat, and reflects on the sense of hopeless frustration felt when one reaches a point of stagnation in productivity and growth. The album represents breaking through that ceiling of creative limitations and restraints, and references a more optimistic point of a view in finally moving forward. Thorne shares, "We wanted the record to be something like a call to action for ourselves, or a mile marker for our progress. " Vámonos " - or "Let's go!" - is essentially our departure from that time."

The band's first song released from the album - “Anxiété” - is available now as a free download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Naive Thieves is comprised of Cameron Thorne (vocals, guitar), Levi Audette (lead guitar), Kyle Garcia (bass, backing vocals), and Ian Maloney (drums, backing vocals).

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