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Time In Malta

Chris Lyon guitar
Todd Gullion vocals, guitar
Jesse Hayes bass
Adam Goldstein drums

The beginnings of San Francisco’s Time In Malta can be traced to the Indianapolis hardcore/punk scene where three friends decided to move to California and start a new band with a new direction. Chris Lyon, Todd Gullion and Sander Leech formed Time In Malta with the intent of breaking down barriers with a mature but crushing sound. In the winter of '97/'98 the band entered Toast Studios (REM, Neil Young, Third Eye Blind, The Donnas, No Doubt) with producer Jacquire King (Third Eye Blind, Smashmouth, Tom Waits). The result was material that hinted at a level of musical sophistication that they were then beginning to realize. After two more recording sessions, the band eventually linked with Escape Artist Records (Burn It Down, ISIS, Anodyne) and released their highly acclaimed debut EP, Construct and Demolish.

Time In Malta's second release, a 7-inch single on Escape Artist Records entitled Identify. Persist. Transcend, included a cover of Threadbare's "In Effigy" along with a new track, "Dissolve" which would be included on their upcoming full-length release. During this time, the band wasted no time completing several west coast tours. In 1999, after turning in a much-talked about performance at the Circle City Hardcore Fest (featuring heavy-hitters like ISIS, Cave In, Disembodied, Soilent Green and Zao) Malta hit the road on a full US tour with the likes of Skycamefalling, Torn Apart, Twelve Tribes and Blood Has Been Shed. Shows and touring continued during the support of the two release with the likes of Will Haven, Botch, Ink and Dagger, Training For Utopia, Piebald, Thrice, Drowningman and Dillinger Escape Plan as well as appearances at Hellfest and Krazyfest.

In early 2002, Time In Malta released a split with new hardcore/punk heavyweights and fellow Bay Area residents, Breathe In. This time with Aaron Prellwitz (The Donnas, Red House Painters, Bratmobile, Neil Young) at the helm, the band turned in three songs. The split included one song from the upcoming full-length and an exclusive track, as well as a cover of Nick Drake's "Pink Moon". Lumberjack Distribution touted the record as "One of 2002's Most Anticipated Splits". This was the debut release by State of Grace Records in the US and Reflections Records in Europe. July 2002 saw Time In Malta release their debut full length for Equal Vision Records. Entitled, ASecond Engine, the album was indeed the first step in the bands second stage of development, showcasing a confident band not afraid to experiment with radically different sonic elements while still retaining their aggressive punk/hardcore roots. A Second Engineincluded 11 original tracks and a cover from seminal NYrockers, Chavez. Released to rave reviews and features in such luminary music magazines as Revolver, Alternative Press, Metal Maniacs and Thrasher, ASecond Enginewas indeed the calling card of a band ready to take off.

Shortly after recording, original drummer Sander Leech gracefully bowed out of the band to pursue career opportunities. Long time friend and veteran drummer Eric Kinder was brought aboard along with new bassist Jesse Hayes to help round out the new lineup. After extensive summer touring, the band earned a string of high profile tours including stints with Snapcase, Boy Sets Fire, Atreyu, Glassjaw, The Blood Brothers, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, and Hot Water Music.

Following by a winter European tour with Snapcase, more touring continued in support of the debut with the likes of AFI, Thursday, Year of the Rabbit, 18 Visions, Saosin, Bane, AStatic Lullaby, The Bled and The Explosion. The fall of 2003 saw the band start writing material for a much anticipated follow up, as well as contributing to Law of Inertia’s Guns N’ Roses tribute, Bring You To Your Knees. After a short return by Sander, Adam Goldstein was brought in as the new drummer bringing a new energy to the band and spurring on a new creative energy in writing the material for the new record.

Time In Malta released their sophomore LP, Alone With The Alone in June of 2003, and broke up shortly after.

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