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Ed Tullett

Ed Tullett

UK-based singer-songwriter Ed Tullett's music has been described as "19 year old melancholy." But that's not saying his music is sad or depressing. The "melancholy" represents Tullett's reflectiveness, youth, and poetic nature. In fact, when it comes to his music, poetry comes before a single note is even written. "I try to pride myself on lyrics," Tullett explains. "I think it's incredibly important that lyrics are honest, and come from somewhere that really means something to the writer."

Tullett started to play guitar at the age of 11. He always looked at the instrument as a vehicle for his words. "I'm not confined by the traditional limitations of songwriting - trying to fit words or rhymes into certain lines, as it ends up being contrived and not honest." Tullett says. "I love writing cryptically, leaving my lyrics open to interpretation."

In 2011, Tullett released his debut album Never Joy. It was recorded in his bedroom, giving the songs a stripped-down and raw feel, while taking musical inspiration from Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens. Never Joy quickly found a devoted fanbase online.

With his new EP Trawl (released November 6th on MTV Hype), the recording process was the same but the results were dramatically different. "I'm moving towards a much more layered and considered process, and not simply writing songs as songs," he notes.

And while Trawl is his best work yet, it's only the beginning. Be on the lookout for new music from Ed Tullett in 2013.

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