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Jason Gleason vocals, guitar
Bella Gleason vocals, keyboards
Salvatore Ciaravino vocals, bass

According to Jason Gleason, ActionReaction's spark and individuality relies not on any single member, but on their combined personality and styles: "We're all very different people, but when it comes to the band, those differences are what makes ActionReaction special."

After leaving his post as front man for Further Seems Forever, a role previously played by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Jason left sunny Florida and headed north to New Jersey joining ex-labelmates Bella and Salvatore from the band Element 101. An intricate web of history, laced with blue-collar bindings, carried them through days of grueling carpentry work and nights playing music as a release from their daily grind.

Moving in together under one roof, the trio fine tuned their jam sessions into songs. Fueled by working-class ennui, the result was liberation from the constraints of previous musical endeavors. Gleason was finally able to expand on his passionate vocal and lyrical stylings that earned him a steady following during his days in Further Seems Forever.

"It was so satisfying to just create without an agenda or boundaries; ideas would just flow freely," he muses.

Their unconventional songwriting and well-received live performances caught the ear of seminal indie label Equal Vision Records (Coheed and Cambria) who allowed the band to create their own deal through a new offshoot- Hope Division Records.

Gleason notes, "They give us the freedom to do whatever we want artistically, and that really means a lot to us."

After the self-released ActionReaction EP and a national tour, the band returned to the studio to record their full-length debut, 3 Is The Magic Number. The album is produced by some of the industry’s top talent including Junior Sanchez (The Faint, Bloc Party), Ray Martin (KT Tunstall, Ima Robot) and Rick Rubin protege Jason Lader (Rilo Kiley, Red Hot Chili Peppers). The end result is a collection of vignettes on life's intricacies.

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