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Toby Morse vocals
Rusty Pistachio guitar
Eric Rice bass
Todd Morse guitar
Todd Friend drums

H2O was formed in the summer of 1994 in NYC by childhood friends, vocalist Toby Morse and guitar player Rusty Pistachio. Almost immediately the band began making waves with their blend of searing hardcore riffs and catchy melodic punk. Recruiting bass player Eric Rice, drummer Todd (TF) Friend and Tobys brother Todd on guiter the band entered the studio to record their now classic, self titled, debut record. Soon after the release Eric left the band to be replaced by English born bass player Adam Blake. The band were quickly signed to legendary punk rock label Epitaph records and immediately set to work on their second release Thicker Than Water and followed it up with a whirlwind of touring with such legendary names as the Misfits, Pennywise and The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones. Fresh from the road the 5 piece once again went back to the studio, this time under the guidance of Epitaph head honcho Brett Guerwitz of Bad religion fame, and cranked out the FTTW record. Once again it was time to hit the road and hit the road they did, this time taking out then up and comers Saves the Day for their first tour. After all this touring (almost 6 years of straight touring and recording) you would think the band needed a break, not these workaholic, hardcore guys! Signing with MCA records the band once again entered the studio, this time with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More/ Maroon 5). the result was GO which added more melody to the bands already signature sound. Once again the band hit the road again for almost 18 months including snagging the coveted main support slot on the Boxcar Racer tour. The band followed up Go with the All We Want EP, which also featured 3 live tracks from the bands hometown show at CBGB's. Taking a well needed break the band went on and explored other areas of their lives. Toby became the pround father of Maximus Morse and expanded his musical range with Hazen Street, Todd hit the road as lead guitar player in Julliete Lewis and the Licks, Rusty took up guitar duties in NYC staples 9 Lives, TF played drums for various NYC punk bands and Adam played with rockers Alston. After a little over a year of inactivity the band once again hit the road and began writing songs for their as yet yet untitled 5th record, a record Alternative Press magazine slated as one of the most anticipated releases of 2005. The band expect the record to be released in mid 2006 and have been playing selections from it live. So that is the story so far but that is far from the whole story. After 4 full length records, all the ups and downs of being in a band and literally thousands of live shows the bands core beliefs haven't shifted since day 1. Explains bass player Adam Blake "Coming from hardcore, we have always had the belief that the band is only half the story, maybe even less. What is really important is the connection with our audience. We want them to feel like we all part of one family, that we're all in this together". Says Toby Morse "Hardcore is not about what you eat, drink or wear. Its a way of life, the music and the message". The band are planning on hitting the road hard hard and its a good bet that they will be coming to your town soon. As Blake says "You won't get the full picture of who H2O are from reading an interview or even from listening to a record. To really get it, you need to come to a live show and hang with us". Thats is where H2O lives....on stage and coming to your town soon.

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