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This Time Next Year

Pete Dowdalls vocals
Brad Wiseman guitar, vocals
Denis Cohen guitar
Travis Pacheco bass
James Jalili drums

This Time Next Year has returned from the studio with Drop Out Of Life, an authentic pop-punk album that brings music back to the days of in-your-face honesty and sincerity. The hard-hitting sophomore full-length album was produced by New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert [A Day To Remember, H20, Fireworks], engineered by Paul Miner [New Found Glory, A.F.I., Atreyu], mixed by Paul Leavitt [Circa Survive, All Time Low, Darkest Hour], and mastered by Andrew Wade [A Day To Remember, Motionless In White]. The album will be released on September 27th through Equal Vision Records.

“Our personalities instantly clicked with Chad and Paul and it was a great few weeks of recording,” Wiseman states of the band’s recording experience. “They compliment each other perfectly in the studio. And beyond being great people who genuinely care about the bands they work with, they are both extremely talented, creative individuals who really helped us dig into and create Drop Out Of Life.”

This Time Next Year’s new album takes a direct approach to living life to the fullest and being exactly who you want to be. ‘Drop out of life’ refers to breaking free from the monotonous cycle of unhappiness and negativity and taking the initiative to make changes in your life, for the better. If you are having a bad day, your job sucks, you got dumped, or you simply just want to do the exact opposite of what you are doing now – then DO IT. Drop out of the life you are currently living, and follow your dreams. Get a new job, travel the world, and find the positive lifestyle that was meant for you.

“I want people to vicariously live through the heartache and triumph I've experienced over the years,” Dowdalls elaborates. “Drop Out Of Life is as much about the people who always supported us as it is about our personal struggle. This record is dedicated not only to our family, friends and fans, but to anyone out there who has felt defeated, broken, or helpless in life. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, as cheesy as that sounds. Stay positive, keep your friends close, and do whatever it is you want to do in life. Fuck acceptance, fuck normality, drop out of life.”

He continues, “Drop Out Of Life is our way of saying ‘fuck you’ to the people and things that kept us locked up. We knew that this would become the concept for our next record. We encourage people to quit whatever brings them down in life and go find out what it is you love. If you hate something, why keep doing it? We're not telling people to give up; we're telling them to drop out. Life can be shitty but it's up to you to make it better. Be positive, always look forward, and do what you want.”

This Time Next Year has won fans the old-fashioned way -- through extensive touring in support of their early releases. Drop Out Of Life is the follow-up to This Time Next Year’s debut full-length album, Road Maps & Heart Attacks, which was produced by Brian McTernan [Thrice, Senses Fail, The Movielife] and released in October 2009. The band has been on the road nearly non-stop since 2008 including tours with Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, Hit The Lights, The Wonder Years, and performances at the 2010 Vans Warped Tour, SXSW and SlamDunk 2010 and 2011. This fall, This Time Next Year will join New Found Glory on the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour, with additional support from Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years and Man Overboard.

“To put it simply, we’re a pop punk band. It’s fast, loud, energetic - and exactly what we want it to be,” adds Cohen. “We're just five individuals who play the music we want to play and write music that comes from our heart, which is a rare thing right now. We do what we do, because we love it and I take pride in saying that. We have never tried to be something we're not and that's never going to change.”

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