BrooklynVegan premieres new Say Anything song “Lost My Touch”

“Lost My Touch”, the fourth song release from Say Anything’s highly anticipated album “Hebrews” is streaming now with Brooklyn Vegan. The song features Christie DuPree of Merriment and Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré and can be listened to exclusively on Brooklyn Vegan’s site here:

“I wrote this song to sum up how I feel about my life thus far, my career as an artist and what douchier people would refer to as their “legacy”. In many ways, I can rest easy knowing I was able to express myself so utterly in a single song and sort of square away a plethora of loose ends I felt I hadn’t addressed before, lyrically, and let people know where I stand. Musically, it’s obviously the most stripped down song on the record, which makes the additional vocals by my good friends Christie Dupree and Jeremy Bolm that much more beautiful and resounding,” explains front-man Max Bemis.