Modern Life Is War breaking up

We’re saddened to announce that Modern Life Is War from Marshalltown, Iowa will be breaking up after one final tour. Over the last six years the band has risen up to become one of the most hardworking, honest, and influential bands in hardcore today.

After a series of releases through Deathwish Inc, Modern Life Is War most recently released Midnight In America with Equal Vision Records in August of 2007.

Please read below for a statement from the band:

Modern Life Is War will be doing one final tour from March 29th to April
26th. Our last show ever will be April 26th in Marshalltown, Iowa. There
is no disaster or dramatic situation behind the break-up. All past and
current members of the band are still good friends and there is no bad
blood. We just feel like it’s the right time and would rather end things on
our own terms than let our band become a ghost of what it was in the
beginning or to be ripped apart by outside forces.

Our first show was on April 20th, 2002 in Tyler’s parents basement. This
makes our run as a band almost exactly six years. We want to send a huge
thank you out to everyone who supported this band through thick and thin
because you care about us as individuals, our music, our message or what we
stand for as a band. We also want to thank all the people in the
DIY/underground hardcore and punk scenes all over the country and world who
work really hard and sacrifice a lot for little to no recognition or money
because they love the music and message. I am really proud of all that we
have accomplished but know that without the support of that community we
would have never had a chance to tour and put out records for so many
years. I don’t want to get sentimental and there is no short way of
wrapping up all my feelings about this band and these last six years. Above
all…I hope we have made some people feel less alone and motivated them to
think for themselves, be themselves and take action. Punk rock changed our
lives. I hope we contributed something to keep the whole thing going. We
are leaving soon…but The future is unwritten…so start writing it. Tour
dates will be posted soon. Come sweat and scream and say goodbye to Modern
life Is War.

Modern Life Is War