Today, nowHere is premiering a new music video for “Types of Evil” via

The song comes from the duo’s powerful debut full-length Hell Knows I’m Miserable Now, which will be out on December 11 through Equal Vision Records.

“‘Types of Evil’ was originally released as a Trey the Ruler song, because we didn’t know nowHere back then,” shares Trey Hales. “Being that the album was recorded over a year ago now, a lot has changed over time. The song itself is about not letting the outside evils and influences of the world effect your judgment when going about your life. I think knowing that when it was being released as a Trey the Ruler song gave me a weird feeling…because it wasn’t really “Trey the Ruler”…it was myself and my friend Anays. Releasing this single very early actually inspired me to go about the project differently and reformat it. Artistically speaking, it’s been more freeing to now accept the project for what it really is, as the results yield more honesty.”

Hell Knows I’m Miserable Now expands on the Portland, OR-based performer’s previously all spoken word/slam poetry solo work – originally released under the aforementioned moniker Trey The Ruler – with the new incorporation of the truly impressive and enveloping instrumentation of Anays Torres (My Iron Lung). The musical collaboration takes the project into new territory, creating an even darker path of poignancy through driving bass lines, heartwrenching articulations, and wispy, atmospheric guitars. nowHere is truly a work of art, masterfully bringing together poetic storytelling and stunning soundscapes.

Having written for nearly his entire life, Hales officially launched Trey The Ruler in 2012 as a written project featured in self-released zines while in high school, eventually evolving into live spoken word performances at local Pacific Northwest shows. After graduating, Hales headed out on the road working for bands on larger club tours, and was soon asked to perform by the bands on the tour packages out of their curiosity to see what the project was all about. Bands were into it, kids were into it, and Hales was certainly into it, offering a welcome change of pace to shows with a subtle intensity and powerfully unique performances.

nowHere also recently premiered a captivating two-song music video that combines “You’re Welcome” and “Eight Ball God”, that can be seen HERE.

Pre-orders for Hell Knows I’m Miserable Now are available now through and digital retailers such as iTunes and AmazonMP3. All pre-orders include instant MP3 downloads of “You’re Welcome”, “Eight Ball God”, and “Types of Evil”.