Pierce The Veil To Record New Album This Winter

Pierce The Veil have been relatively quiet since the conclusion of last winter’s Rockstar Taste Of Chaos but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been making noise. The San Diego quintet – brothers Vic Fuentes (vocals/guitar) and Mike Fuentes (drums), as well as Tony Perry (guitar), and Jaime Preciado (bass) – have been writing and recording demos at a home studio for the follow-up to 2007’s A Flair For The Dramatic. The forthcoming sophomore album has been declared one the “Most Anticipated of 2010” by Alternative Press.

“When we got home from Taste Of Chaos, we set up our home studio here in San Diego and started working on the new album,” Vic told Alternative Press in September. “We haven’t taken any breaks or any time off. It’s just been straight writing every day as much as we can.”

The band also set up a weekly online chat show called “I’d Rather Be Touring” at where the band caught up with fans and discussed their progress.

“Touring so much over the last couple years, we have grown very close to our fans and this was a great way to keep in touch with them. Their excitement has been very inspiring to us and has given us even more incentive to try and make the best record we can.”

In addition to the inspiration they’ve gained from fans, Vic says another major influence on the songwriting is having played shows for 3 years straight. “We want to make songs that are fun to play live. We’re writing with our fans in mind and with the shows in mind that we’re going to be sharing with them.”

To achieve this goal, Pierce The Veil will enlist Mike Green (Paramore, The Matches) for the role of producer and record at his studio in Los Angeles in December and January. “His records sound amazing and he is a very down to earth and passionate person,” Vic explains of their decision. “We wanted to work with someone that has the same love for what they do as we do. We have 100% confidence that we can make a very special album with Mike.”