A Coloring Storybook and Long-Playing Record


Cinematic Sunrise
A Coloring Storybook and Long-Playing Record
EVR 147/155 ·

Debut EP from Cinematic Sunrise – the pop-rock side-project of Chiodos members Craig Owens and Bradley Bell!

Originally released as a limited edition 6-song EP (on May 13, 2008) exclusively at Hot Topic and through MerchNow. The original artwork included a box of colored pencils in the album package to customize the albums inside booklet.

1. Pulling a Piano From a Pond
2. Goodbye Friendship, Hello Heartache
3. Umbrellas and Elephants
4. Our Honeymoon at Weston Hills
5. The Wordless
6. You Told Me You Loved Me
7. Crossing Our Fingers For The Summer
8. If Lilly Isn’t Back By Sunset

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