Out of Light


Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Out of Light

1. Nightmare (ft. Spencer Charnas)⁠
2. The Dark (ft. Noah Sebastian)⁠
3. To the Unknown (ft. Vaines)⁠
4. Until You Come Back (ft. Matt McDonald)⁠
5. Knock It All Down (ft. Lil Lotus)⁠
6. New Morning (ft. Cove Reber)⁠
7. Omens (ft. Spencer Chamberlain)⁠
8. Black Hole (ft. Donovan Melero)⁠
9. I Wanna Know (ft. Jesse Cash)⁠
10. Escape From My Reality (ft. MOD SUN)⁠
11. Endlessly Yours (ft. Tyler Posey, phem)⁠
12. For Atlas (ft. Michael Swank)⁠

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