Pierce The Veil
A Flair For The Dramatic

Released on June 26, 2007

1. Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
Get MP32. Currents Convulsive
3. Yeah Boy and Doll Face
Get MP34. I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous
5. The Cheap Bouquet
6. Falling Asleep On A Stranger
7. She Sings In The Morning
8. The Balcony Scene
9. Drella
10. Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them
11. Wonderless

Over the past year, Pierce The Veil have been building a solid fan base in the underground SoCal music scene that birthed blink-182, Pinback, As I Lay Dying, and Thrice, among countless others. Pierce The Veil is next in line to break into the mainstream with their unique brand of melody and artistic rhythm found on their debut album, A Flair For The Dramatic.

Pierce The Veilís unusual song structures provide the foundation for complex guitar lines and contrasting beautiful / abrasive vocals to mingle and form each and every memorable hook. The undeniable sonic connection between brothers Victor and Michael Fuentes (guitar/vocals and percussion, respectively) jumps out of the crisp-sounding album, which was recorded by up-and-coming producer Casey Bates (Chiodos,Fear Before The March of Flames, Portugal The Man) at his suburban Seattle studios.

MusicEmissions.com - Album Review
June 05, 2007

When you first hear the name, you're thrown for a curve. Mom might put it best, "I think they're trying to be cryptic". Quite possibly I said as I laughed back. But I think I understand the name a bit more... A mysterious wall of purity and passion...being pierced by a sharp letter opener. Yes, there's pointy sharp objects being underlined about the formation Pierce The Veil, whether its The Fuentes brothers previous project (Before Today) or fighting off the inevitable "Emo" genrefication to come, the music is a sharper object. Track two Currents Convulsive has a feverish blend of Emo and an old school Motley Crue vibe, in large part thanks to Jaime Preciado's heartbeat bass. The chorus follows a thick simplistic grinder that fits nicely with lead man Vic Fuentes lyrical lead. This is also another track where an atmopsheric vibe is anchored by a little keyboard or piano work. The Balcony Scene has that puffy backbone, floating through a tour of Metal, Progressive Pop and Piano bar rock. Falling Asleep On A Stranger starts off slow and acoustic, with a soft sensitive feel, until the the first bridge arrives. Gradually the track builds and feeds into a progressive Alt tempo with terrific harmonics from guitarist Tony Perry. She sings in the morning features a sick backing vocals and back and forth flows through the high pitched control of front man Fuentes, a strobing middle ground is heard in his voice. Those aforementioned backing vocals, are somewhere between the lands of salty and brutally sweet. Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides starts off the disc with the swiping of electric guitars and a distorted Fuentes breathing on the mic in the abnormal tone you'll be very used to by the end of the disc. By the time the hard rock breaks out you're attacked by some monstorous backing vocals by Preciado. Diamonds And Why Men Buy Them makes irony of the band name, often times the piercing energy of the chord breaks, and raw power of the Mike Fuentes' drums slice through the thickest of any genrefication. Top three track here... NO!!! Look, I'm sorry to lose my cool live... But I'm angst with stomach pain to the predictable cool down last track. I gotta admit I skipped through to make sure the acoustic intro wasn't a cheap mask. Much to my own dismay, soft and pleasureable, but most of all predictable. Constant explosive energy, its songs like nine, Drella that spill in unique chord changes, with rarely a thought of hording riffs for other songs, The Fuentes boys and company have moments when it seems lightening is dying to get out of the bottle. For a pure example of that, wait till just before the minute mark, when these guys rival the gruesome metallic energy Pantera. Let's get down to brass tacks, this album is phenomenal at moments. That's with all consideration, that I'm what some would call a fan of Fuentes' high pitch. The instrumentation of this band is far and beyond most of the sh*t on the airwaves. Occasionally, like the thought of speed making light. Even more my own personal Veil is I heard Vic Fuentes find a much more comfortable deep pitch at times. So what exactly are these guys trying to unveil in the end. When asked about Emo, Pierce The Veil doesn't really care as long as the term is used in the right shadowing. Preciado summed it up a few minutes after a set. "It doesn't really matter, the original meaning of the term was made for EMOtional music." Well said Jaime, and not a bad job of sticking to that formula. Check out Pierce The Veil live, thats where the sound and stage performance highlights the record's explosions.

Brian Rutherford

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