Alive In Wild Paint

Released on March 18, 2008

Get MP31. Ceilings
2. Crystal Selves
3. God Gave Me A Gun
4. Anxious Disease
5. II
6. Traffic
Get MP37. Sleep With Your Soul In
8. Forecasting
9. Everywhere, An Ocean
10. Children of Divorce
11. Cold Spell
12. A Vespertine Haunting

  • Features former members of Terminal (Tooth & Nail) and Goodbye Tomorrow (Equal Vision)
  • Produced by Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Rilo Kiley)
  • Mixed by Michael Barbiero (Counting Crows, Maroon 5, Guns N Roses)
Indie Uprising - Album Review
February 22, 2008

Alive in Wild Paint's debut, Ceilings, brings together members of Goodbye Tomorrow and short lived Terminal (Other members of Terminal formed Oh, Sleeper), and is a much anticipated debut produced by Mark Trombino (most notably known for producing Jimmy Eat World's masterpiece, Clarity). There has been a lot of anticipation and hype for Ceilings. Does it deliver? Hell yes. But, it will take a little patience on your part.

First of all, I wasn't expecting such a laid back album. Maybe that's an unfair expectation, but because of this expectation, the first listen was a bit rough for me. I was waiting for it to kick in, and by the 7th track (Sleep With Your Soul In) we do get a little dose of rock. But, this is not a rock album. So, drop that from your expectations and let Ceilings sink in. (Although if your familiar with Terminal and Goodbye Tomorrow, this is a natural progression.)

Now that I had my first listen over and done with, I had to immediately listen a second time. Alive in Wild Paint have created an album of such intricacy that, like a good movie, needs to be appreciated over numerous visits. This is not made for fast consumption. Alive in Wild Paint's four members (frontman Travis Bryant, guitarist Matt Grabe, bassist David Roat, and drummer Austin Wilson) have taken the time and care to create numerous layers to each song and to this album. Travis Bryant's vocal are delicate and soothing, nothing is strained or rushed. Each song takes it's time and envelopes the listener in beautiful intricate melodies that, if given the right amount of time, will mold themselves permanently into your skull.

While not an immediately accessible album, Ceilings is an album that you need to take your time with. I'm not sure if today's mainstream culture has the patience for Alive in Wild Paint. We live in such a fast-food society when it comes to our entertainment, that I fear people may not get this album right away. I really hope I'm wrong, because Alive in Wild Paint's debut is a moving and brilliant piece of work.

Stand Out Tracks:

"Ceilings" "Sleep With Your Soul In" "Cold Spell"

Sean Duregger

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