Closure In Moscow
First Temple

Released on May 5, 2009

1. Kissing Cousins
2. Reindeer Age
3. Sweet#hart
4. Vanguard
5. A Night At The Spleen
6. I'm The Ghost Of Twilight
7. Permafrost
8. Deluge
9. Afterbirth
10. Arecibo Message
11. Couldn't Let You Love Me
12. Had To Put It In The Soil

The debut full-length by this Australian group follows an impressive EP, over one million MySpace plays, and a mention in Alternative Press as one of the "100 Bands You Need To Know In 2009". RIYL: Saosin, The Mars Volta, Coheed & Cambria.

Outburn Magazine - 8/10
October 13, 2009

NEW BREED OF ROCK: The debut from Australian rockers Closure In Moscow is a bit of a chore to fully ingest in only one or two sittings. Not to say that the band is doing anything so out of this world that it takes a medicated mind to latch onto the tunes, but they are definitely an island unto themselves in a sea of mediocrity. Repeated listens will unveil a truly complex, yet easily and oddly accessible piece of work. Closure In Moscow runs all over the place, often times in a few different directions at once, but never strays so far off course that the structure of the song itself suffers. The band's ability to create unique melodies that float effortlessly over the top of an energetic backbeat comes through like a floodlight on a dark night during "Kissing Cousins" and "Vanguard." Heartfelt moments such as "I'm A Ghost Of Twilight" transcend the typical throes of modern rock and strike the listener in a more personal manner, while "Deluge" and "Sweet#hart" are stellar showings of dynamic excitement. Strong pop sensibility, an eccentric mix of influences and unwavering artistic bravery combine to make and album that is both enjoyable and challenging at the same time. If Closure In Moscow doesn't make an impact on the way people listen to music, there's little hope that anything will.

Ryan Ogle

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