Before The Eulogy

Released on November 1, 2005

1. One Subject Notebook
2. Parasite Candy
3. Three Lefts
4. Harlot
5. Vehicle
6. The Burning Of
Get MP37. Turn The Key
8. Consider The Numbers
9. Feudal
10. Voice Over
11. The Tyranny of What Everyone Knows
12. Loser Of The Year Award
13. Cavity
14. Holiday In Cambodia
15. Suckerpunch Training
16. Timothy
17. No Time Safe
18. Bucket of Rain
19. With Cold Eyes
20. Fashion As A Weapon

Collector's Information:
Due to an artwork error, the album states that track #16 is "Rocket Man," a cover song of the original by Elton John. Instead, track #16 is the song "Timothy" from the After the Eulogy reissue CD. The cover of "Rocket Man" can only be found on the original Suckerpunch Training CD.