Dustin Kensrue
Please Come Home

Released on January 23, 2007

1. I Knew You Before
Get MP32. Pistol
3. I Believe
4. Please Come Home
5. Blood & Wine
6. Consider The Ravens
7. Weary Saints
8. Blanket of Ghosts

Music Emissions - Album Review
January 24, 2007

Dustin Kensrue is best known for his work as the front-man for the metal/emo-core band Thrice. On his first solo effort, he embraces influences such as Cash, Greg Graffin and even Dylan. A far stretch from the sounds one might expect, coming from an idol in the growing genre of emo-core.

The songs on this album sound like they are being sung by an aged old man that has survived on cheap cigars and whiskey for the majority of his life. And while based in folk/country, Kensrue brings a new sound to the table that is quite hard to describe, something like a cross between Tom Waites and Trent Reznor.

Most of the tracks have a depressing, dark vibe and discuss the hardships one might stumble upon in life. Fearing he might stray too far and venture into gothic territory, Kensrue switches to the upbeat, quite dance-able "I Believe", which deals with the issue of religion, and voices his oppinion on the subject. In fact, more than one track on this album have christian subject matter.In the song "Blanket Of Ghosts" there are obvious refferences to St. Paul and heaven.

Do not take his established stardom into consideration when listening to this release, although if Dustin keeps up his pace that he has set with "Please Come Home", than im sure he will become an important icon in the folk/country genre as well.

Shane Scalise

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