Dear and the Headlights
Small Steps, Heavy Hooves

Released on February 6, 2007

1. Oh No!
2. Sweet Talk
3. Hallelujah
4. Happy In Love
5. I'm Bored, You're Amorous
6. Grace
7. It's Gettin' Easy
8. Paper Bag
9. Skinned Knees & Gapped Teeth
Get MP310. Run in the Front
11. Mother Make Me Golden
12. I Just Do
13. Midwestern Dirt

In April 2006, Dear and the Headlights completed the recording of their debut record, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves with local producer Bob Hoag (Joel Plaskett, Versus the Mirror, The Format). Although Ian Metzger, PJ Waxman, Joel Marquard, Chuckie Duff and Mark Kulvinskas had only started playing shows together under the Dear and the Headlights name a year earlier, this first full-length recording had been a long time in the making.

  • Produced and Engineered by Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Studios
  • Mastered by Roger Seibel
  • A&R: Glenn Dooley
  • Design and layout by Chuckie Duff, Joel Marquard, J.P. Manke

Vinyl available on Clay Street Records (10 test presses, 300 black vinyl, 700 translucent gold vinyl)

AOL Music Popeater Blog - Album Review
June 11, 2007

This is the best album we've heard all year. You'll fall instantaneously once you hear 'Sweet Talk,' then realize it's absolute true love when you listen to 'Run in the Front' or 'I'm Bored, Your Amorous.' Pick any track on the record and you're hooked. Period.

Nadine Cheung

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