Bear Vs Shark
Right Now, You're In The Best of Hands. And If Something Isn't Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know In

Released on July 22, 2003

1. Ma Jolie
2. Campfire
Get MP33. Buses/No Buses
4. The Employee Is Not Afraid
5. We Were Sad But Now We're Rebuilding
6. Kylie
7. MPS
8. Second
9. Don't Tell The Horses The Stable's On Fire
10. Bloodgiver
11. Michigan
12. Broken Dog Leg

Vinyl Info
Vinyl released on Friction Records. Featured two bonus tracks, "California Hot Seat" and "June 7th."

250 half and half light blue/light yellow
250 half and half green/clear
250 half and half brown/white
250 one side white/one side black