The Snake The Cross The Crown
Cotton Teeth

Released on March 20, 2007

1. Cakewalk
2. The Great American Smokeout
3. Gypsy Melodies
4. Cotton Teeth
5. Electronic Dream Plant
Get MP36. Behold The River
7. Hey Jim
8. Floating In & Out
9. Maps
10. Back to the Helicopter

Cotton Teeth is the culmination of a year and a half of introspection, experimentation, and discovery for the four talented young men known as The Snake The Cross The Crown. At a time when bands are exhausting every resource to get to the top, The Snake The Cross The Crown have poured their energy into finding and developing their sound. Honest and unassuming folk inspired rock, stripped of all gimmicks.

  • Engineered, mixed, and produced by Angus Cooke with additional ideas and suggestions from The Snake The Cross The Crown.
  • Recorded at Prairie Sun and Orange Whip Studios during Spring of 2006.
  • Mixed at Orange Whip Studios.
  • Mastered by JR at Masterfonics.
  • A&R by Curtis Tanner.
  • Art direction and design by Franklin Vandiver.
Munchkin Music - Album Review
July 11, 2007

Alabama then moved to California's The Snake, The Cross, The Crown already dropped one impressive album called "Mander Salis". I don't think it caused any major waves but it was a very good album. After the album came out, the band went on tours because that is what bands are supposed to do. However, TSTCTC called off all remaining tour dates after a little bit because they weren't happy with what they were doing anymore. So it was back to the drawing board for these guys and after a while songs started taking shape and ultimately resulted in "Cotton Teeth".

On the band's sophomoric album there is no more spacey rock, it's more rootsy and folky stuff and I'm digging the hell out of it just like I did with their first album. Sure, it's got a different sound but who can deny the quality of songs like "The Great American Smokeout" or the laidback "Electronic Dream Plant"? And yes, it doesn't rock anymore the way it used to but it does still rock only in a different way. Just listen to "Gypsy Melodies" or closer "Back To The Helicopter".

Basically, The Snake, The Cross, The Crown wrote a great album, changed their sound, wrote another great album and I hope they're happier than ever with this one cuz it's a damn good album for people who like acts such as Limbeck and of course, Wilco.

Thomas Dumarey

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