A Lot Like Birds to release new album No Place on Oct. 29th

Sacramento, CA’s A Lot Like Birds will release their new full-length album, and Equal Vision Records’ debut – No Place, on October 29.

The dynamic ten track album takes listeners on an eerie roller coaster of beautiful chaos, with arching cinematic interludes laced between destructive gut-wrenching, chill-inducing masterpieces. The complex construction of No Place sets one into a mesmerizing world of darkness and dread led by urgency, intensity and fear.

The album was recorded with Kris Crummett [Closure In Moscow, Fear Before], who also recorded the band’s previous release, Conversation Piece.

“I have always been prone to gravitate towards the more grandiose side of composing, to a nearly unachievable extent when time limits are involved, since day one of this band. From experimenting with a wide array of instruments (strings, horns, auxiliary percussion), to incorporating various programming (beats, synths, MIDI instruments), to a lot of effects and effect modulation, completing the vision on this album required a lot of hard work and patience. Kris [Crummett] embodied both of those skills, along with incredible diligence, and honestly to a point of near disbelief from the rest of us,” reveals guitarist Michael Franzino. “He genuinely cared about this, and without him this record quite literally would not have happened.”

No Place showcases A Lot Like Birds idiosyncrasies through dark, intricate soundscapes, that range from crazy and chaotic to beautiful and melodic. Thematically the album revolves around a single concept, exploring the emotions behind rooms in a home. Guitarist Ben Wiacek elaborates, “The idea was to identify the emotional dichotomy of the “home” experience; the home is a place of serenity and/or a place of chaos. You’ll notice this album is much darker but more focused than anything we’ve done before, and I hope we achieved something that will be considered important and relevant to a lot of people’s lives.”

“It’s no secret that musicians can spend more time on the road than they do at home, but aside from that, a home had been a completely lost concept to me for the past few years,” adds co-vocalist Cory Lockwood. “And as I realized that I felt more at home while away from my “hometown” and felt more sheltered with no guarantee of shelter each night, I really started to examine the idea of home. What a home means to a person, and with further exploration, what each particular room can mean. We had already been discussing the direction of our next album and how we might want to try our hand at one particular concept. And so this was the concept I brought to the table: let’s build a house. Each song, one room. Important to itself but still a part of the whole.”

In regards to the album title, Lockwood explains, “I had been playing around with idioms regarding the idea of home, and while thinking about the phrase ‘…there’s no place like home…’ I thought to myself, that in our positions, no place IS home. We make a home of any place that we happen to be in at that time, and then we move on. So the title No Place stuck.“

Illustrator Bradley Edwards created A Lot Like Birds’ spectacular cover artwork for No Place, which depicts his detailed interpretation of the house represented in the album, and fills the home with dark creatures, items and symbols that directly correlate to the album’s lyrics. Edwards also designed the band’s cover art for Conversation Piece.

Known for their wild live performances – which often include anything and everything from swinging from the rafters, spontaneous mid-set crowd surfing, and launching guitars 25 feet in the air, to simply focusing on the music – the six-piece band features duel vocalists, Cory Lockwood and Kurt Travis, who seamlessly intertwine, layer and harmonize, while interchanging singing, screaming and spoken word duties, while guitarists Michael Franzino and Ben Wiacek alternate frantic riffs with ambient wails and bassist Michael “Butter” Littlefield and drummer Joe Arrington deliver driving grooves, uniting the band’s sound.

A Lot Like Birds has also just announced a Fall co-headline tour with Lions Lions. Following the run, A Lot Like Birds will set out on a separate full US headliner, with additional lineup and tour date details to be announced soon. The No Place tracklisting can be found below, along with all upcoming A Lot Like Birds tour dates.

No Place
1. In Trances
2. No Nature
3. No Nurture
4. Next to Ungodliness
5. Connector
6. Myth of Lasting Sympathy
7. Hand Over Mouth, Over and Over
8. Kuroi Ledge
9. Recluse
10. Shaking of the Frame

A Lot Like Birds w/Lions Lions
Oct 11 Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep
Oct 12 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Oct 14 Portland, OR @ Backspace Café
Oct 15 Spokane, WA @ The Center of Spokane
Oct 16 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Oct 18 Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
Oct 20 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
Oct 21 Mesa, AZ @ The Underground
Oct 24 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
Oct 26 Grand Prairie, TX @ South By So What Festival