Nathan Hussey, best known as the frontman and primary songwriter for the Texas alternative rock outfit, All Get Out, debuted a new single “All Things” from his solo project, Hussey, today on Brooklyn Vegan. “All Things”, the first offering from Hitchens, his upcoming full-length on Equal Vision Records, is a laid back, beautiful track that offers a glimpse into a much different side of who Hussey is as a songwriter than we’re used to seeing. As Hussey points out, ”All Things” is the song that “really opened up the album” to him as a writer and it serves as a perfect introduction to what we can expect on Hitchens. You can listen to “All Things” now on Soundcloud or Spotify.

“All Things” sets the stage for Hitchens, Hussey’s new solo album due out in January on Equal Vision Records. Thematically, Hitchens is an observation on the Human Condition interpreted through personal experiences. It draws largely from the life and suffering of it’s namesake; the catalytic author and orator, Christopher Hitchens. However, it was not so much Hitchen’s politics that Hussey found inspiration in, but his intelligence, the veracity with which he supported his beliefs, his constant quest for personal evolution and, most of all, his life story. According to Hussey, the record is “more about the impact of someone not only in my life but in the pseudo-fiction used to represent how we feel about another person. Sometimes a character says it better than you ever could”.

It was also announced today that Hitchens will not be the only release on Equal Vision Records in 2018 that Nathan Hussey will be a part of. All Get Out, the highly revered rock band that Hussey fronts, has also signed to the label. In signing with Equal Vision, Hussey will have the opportunity to continue building on a well deserved reputation as one of the most innovative songwriters in the world of modern, alternative rock. Look for Hitchens out in January of 2018 and for a new All Get Out record to follow later in the year.

Quote from Nathan Hussey on signing to Equal Vision Records:

We have found a warm and cozy home at Equal Vision Records. With this family we have the ability to do what makes us absolutely happy: create and release music. We’ll be doing it a ton and more often starting with a solo album called Hitchens. Hope you enjoy!