Alternative Press has premiered a new video from Equal Vision artist, Upgrade HipHop this morning. “Further Down The Rabbit Hole” is taken from Upgrade’s newly released album Chemical Imbalance: Another Dose and features the album’s only guest emcee, Weerd Science (aka Josh Eppard, also of Coheed & Cambria).

Perhaps the centerpiece of the entire album, Upgrade HipHop wrote of the significance to him. “This was the first song I wrote for the project. At the time my anxiety and panic disorder was at its worst. I was a finalist in a contest to play Bamboozle (which I ended up winning). Even though I was a pretty experienced live performer and music was my passion, I couldn’t ever leave my house without a feeling of dread. It was from that point on I decided to take off as much time from work/performing as needed to manage my mental illness. Musically I was documenting my journey and I invited Weerd Science onto this track as I felt that he could match the emotion of it, and he did perfectly.”

Eppard echoes the sentiment saying, “I’m tremendously honored to be on Upgrade’s album. I think he dredges up emotions from a similar place as Weerd Science. I also think that his verse on ‘Further Down The Rabbit Hole’ is one of the most honest moments in music I’ve ever heard.”