Baltimore-based band Cherie Amour released their debut EP, Internal Discussions, via Equal Vision Records. Across the five songs on the EP, the band showcase their signature sound dubbed “nu-punk”, expertly combining elements of pop-punk, R&B, hip-hop, and metal. Produced by Alan Day (Four Year Strong), the record opens with “Burn”, a bouncy track that focuses on reflection and learning from your past actions. On “Imposter” vocalist Trey Miller effortlessly flows from rapping to clean vocals, encapturing the emotional rollercoaster depicted throughout the track, while closer “Orlando” follows a similar structure centered around a conflicted relationship. With the release of Internal Discussions, Cherie Amour are proving themselves to be one the most exciting and unique voices in the alternative music scene. You can stream the EP here now.

Speaking on the themes found on Internal Discussions, Miller expanded:

“‘Internal Discussions’ is all about the war within – between your objective, logical self and your emotional, “gut reaction” self. I think everyone has those two sides and the moments in which they compete to be your “true self” manifest themselves differently in all of us. Whether it’s deciding where to go to college (or if you should go at all), whether to make a big life change, whether to get married, be single, or whatever the case may be. No matter what the internal discussion centers around, I think anyone can relate to the theme of duality that the EP represents.“

Cherie Amour is  Trey Miller (vocals), Casey Reid (guitar), Brendan Willis (guitar) and Ronnie Sherman (drums).

Internal Discussions Tracklist:
1. Burn
2. Imposter
3. A Beautiful Mess, A Perfect Disaster
5. Orlando