Damiera re-form with lineup changes

After a brief two-month hiatus, Damiera have returned to writing and performing music with a brand new lineup.

Back in April, three fourths of Damiera left the band to pursue other goals. The departing members were “seeking satisfaction elsewhere,” says continuing member and vocalist Dave Raymond, “they wanted to take another road for now… without having to be committed to a group setting.”

The new members consist of guitarist Steve Downs and drummer Josh Sparks, formerly of the Iowa-based band Spirit of the Stairway, and bassist Jayson Dezuzio, a long time professional producer whose resume includes work with Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance, and more. Dezuzio also produced the latest Damiera album, M(US)IC, which was released in January.

“I love music, and I will continue to let go of every excess (money, home, health, etc) in order to find my end in it,” states Raymond, “I have been extremely fortunate this far, but I’d rather end with nothing and satisfied than end with everything and not use it.”

Damiera will pick up where they left off, fire up the van, and begin touring with the new lineup in August.