Damiera to release “Quiet Mouth…” on June 24th

Equal Vision Records have set Tuesday, June 24th as the release date for Quiet Mouth Loud Hands, the sophomore album from Damiera.

Quiet Mouth Loud Hands was entirely self-produced and engineered by Damiera with the help of freshly appointed bass player, Jayson DeZuzio, who’s list of album credits includes work with Coheed and Cambria and My Chemical Romance.

“Writing this album was unique,” says founding member and vocalist Dave Raymond, “only because I can’t imagine any other bands choosing to do it the way we did.” Homeless and couch surfing in Buffalo, NY, the band did all of the writing and recording simultaneously in the studio they built inside of an abandoned school they used as a rehearsal space. “I’d spend days at the studio writing material and Jayson [DeZuzio] would help me sort through it deciding what we should develop and what should pass.”

The band is currently scheduled to hit the road with Breathe Carolina and The White Tie Affair in the month of May. The trek begins tonight (May 6th) in Damiera’s former hometown of Buffalo, NY.