Damiera Touring with Fear Before & Blogging Like Crazy

Damiera have hit the road in support of their new record, Quiet Mouth Loud Hands, opening for label mates Fear Before on their “Dudestorm Part Deux Tour.”

This tour is a throwback to the organic roots of all bands involved. It was 100% self-booked at intimate venues (without the assistance of a booking agent), the bands are encouraged to share equipment to save on gas expenses, and there are no fancy demands or any booming egos… just a great tour with a bunch of friends.

Damiera has been posting regular video updates their new tour blog, so check it out to be a part of the cross-country trek that is taking the guys from the Rocky Mountains all the way out to Richmond, Virginia.

Damiera Tour Dates
9/15 – Iowa City, IA
9/16 – Milwaukee, WI
9/17 – LaCrosse, WI
9/18 – Chicago, IL
9/19 – Pontiac, MI
9/20 – Cleveland, OH
9/21 – Covington, KY
9/22 – Buffalo, NY
9/24 – Danbury, CT
9/25 – Allston, MA
9/26 – Maplewood, NJ
9/27 – Watertown, NY
9/29 – Lancaster, PA
9/30 – Richmond, VA