Davenport Cabinet signs with Equal Vision Records

Equal Vision Records is proud to welcome Davenport Cabinet to its roster. The soulful, new wave meets southern-rock project of Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria) is set to release Nostalgia In Stereo on October 14th. The 11-track collection was written and recorded in between Stever’s limited time off from Coheed and Cambria at his home in upstate New York, and mixed by Mike Major (Sparta, At The Drive-In).

The name Davenport Cabinet comes from two American magicians – the Davenport brothers – from the late 1800’s. The Davenports’ most famous presentation was known as the box illusion. The trick would start with the brothers tied up and closed inside a large cabinet containing numerous musical instruments. Once the cabinet was closed, the instruments would begin to make sounds as if they were being played by the brothers. Upon opening the cabinet, the brothers were found tied in the same positions in which they had started the illusion. Those who witnessed the act were made to believe that the magicians had channeled spirits to play the instruments. Stever explains, “I have a little room in my house where I record all of my ideas – whether it’s for Coheed and Cambria or the songs you hear on Nostalgia In Stereo. Sometimes when no one is in there, my wife, many of our guests, and I hear footsteps and other random noises. You can hear the strings vibrate as if someone was trying to play one of the instruments.” He admits, “It is probably just the house settling but it still just made me think – ‘maybe I have my very own Davenport Cabinet’.”

Musically, Davenport Cabinet imports nearly as many influences as Stever’s now legendary record collection: Leonard Cohen to Dinosaur Jr. to Neil Young (the gamut, from “Harvest” to “Trans”) to Mojave 3. Stever admits his music takes him to better places and times, as he waxes melancholy in the title tracks’ verse, “I surrender to nostalgia/memories of better days in life/I surrender to simple melodies/I know you can never take them from me.” Nostalgia In Stereo is bound to make your life a little simpler, at least on the ears.