Download The Fall of Troy’s “Phantom on the Horizon” Today

Last week we started taking pre-orders for The Fall of Troy‘s new 5-song EP, Phantom on the Horizon and sold out in less than two days. Only 3,000 physical copies were pressed (1,500 for the web, 1,500 for the road), so the only place to get the actual disc now is direct from the band on their current tour.

Since the response was so positive, we wanted to offer you a digital download so you don’t miss the opportunity to hear the songs.

Download Phantom on the Horizon for $5.99 (256k High Quality MP3’s).

Catch The Fall of Troy on tour now, where they’re playing all 38-minutes of Phantom on the Horizon live start to finish.

Tour Dates
12/1 – Albuquerque, NM
12/2 – Tempe, AZ
12/3 – San Diego, CA
12/4 – Pomona, CA
12/5 – San Luis Obispo, CA
12/6 – Bakersfield, CA
12/8 – San Francisco, CA
12/9 – Reno, NV
12/10 – Orangevale, CA
12/12 – Eugene, OR
12/13 – Sponake, WA
12/14 – Tacoma, WA