It’s been seven long years since the untimely death of Long Island-born band Envy On The Coast. Having caught the heart of the post-hardcore scene early on in their career – touring with the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday and more – the band tapped into a rampant and rapidly growing fan-base who remained loyal throughout the years. With the members calling it quits in July 2010 and scattering to form new musical ventures, fans were left unsure that the band could ever be revived. But hope held strong.

Fast-forward to present day and Envy On The Coast’s reincarnation is in full swing with original members Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne at the helm and steering the band in a new direction. The rebirth ultimately came to be after the duo performed together for an encore at a show for Ryan’s solo project, 1ST VOWS. The reception from their dedicated fans and the feeling that engulfed them on the stage was the catalyst to exploring what the next phase for Envy On The Coast could, and would be. Though only two of the original five members decided to return, the band officially announced a string of shows for the summer of 2016 in New York City, Long Island, and Boston – with more cities added in response to the overwhelming fan reaction. At the top of 2017 EOTC kept things moving with a short headlining tour which included a performance at So What? Music Festival, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their debut full-length record, Lucy Gray, and alluded to an upcoming release within the year.

And today, Envy On The Coast are making good on that promise of new music, sharing they have joined the Equal Vision Records roster and will release a new EP, ‘Ritual,’ on June 30th. Having maintained a relationship with the label they already admired after meeting during EOTC’s very first tour, they immediately called the EVR team about the band’s new stage. Ryan Hunter shared, “When it came time to share news of new music and future plans, we sat down [with Francesca Caldara] and everything just made sense.”

Ritual will be the bridge between Envy On The Coast’s past and future, showcasing signature elements that fans appreciate in their music while spotlighting their respective musical evolutions. “This EP is a time capsule. It’s a page that was half finished, is now completed, and enables us to sleep at night knowing we can officially move forward,” explains Hunter. Adding, “It’s both a farewell to some of the feelings and sounds that have been a part of us forever, as well as a tease and introduction to the path ahead.”

Right now, fans can hear the first offering from the record – a soul-piercing track taking the listener on a journey from delicate, melodic moments to aggressive, thrashing heights – entitled “Manic State Park”. When asked about the inspiration behind the track he co-produced with Mike Sapone (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New) Hunter shared, “The song was inspired by my initial realization that all that I love in this world is dying a slow death and that I was a part of the problem. It’s a rude awakening that marks the beginning of me changing my life to reduce my imprint on this earth. It was haunting to dig this song up and realize that its themes are more poignant now than back then. From the demo to the final master, the approach to the guitars changed drastically, we added a lot of analog synths, and we split up the vocals to add some duality and have both of our personalities on the track.”

Listen to Envy On The Coast’s “Manic State Park”:

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Ritual EP Track Listing:
1. Manic State Park
2. Inhaler
3. Lioness
4. Virginia Girls
5. How To Make A Man/Grenade
6. Sift