Gameface to release new album March 18th

Southern California’s Gameface will release their sixth full-length studio album, Now is What Matters Now, on March 18, 2014 via Equal Vision Records.

“We’ve been given a gift to be able to do this again and we’re not squandering it. I can confidently say that this is the best record we’ve ever made,” shares vocalist/guitarist Jeff Caudill. “Old fans are gonna be psyched. It has the musicianship of Every Last Time and the heart of Three To Get Ready. This album is about letting go of the past, forgetting regret and moving forward – making the most of now.”

The new album also features several guest vocalists including Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo), Frank Daly (Big Drill Car), Jon Bunch (Sense Field) and Arty Shepherd (Errortype:11).

The reignited four-piece released a 7” featuring two new recordings on November 5, 2013, including “Come On Down” – a brand new track that premiered on, and a revamped, newly recorded version of “The Only Chance We Get” – a previously released song from Gameface’s 1995 release, Three To Get Ready, which now features guest vocals from Ingo Knollmann (Donots) and Mike McTernan (Damnation A.D.).

Gameface’s debut LP, Good (1993), showcased unabashed pop punk at its purest, while Three To Get Ready’s (1995) offered redemptive lyrics and a nostalgic tone that drew fans into Gameface’s emotional triumph over tragedy following the untimely death of their drummer Bob Binckley in 1994. With Every Last Time (1999), and the addition of drummer Steve Sanderson, Gameface hit their songwriting and touring stride. During the recording of Always On (2000) rifts between members deepened and original bassist Paul Martin eventually left the band before the album was released. Guy Julian joined on bass for their final album, Four To Go (2003), before the band members decided to each go their own separate ways following its release.

In 2012, the group reunited for a string of shows that eventually served as the catalyst to forge ahead towards something more permanent. It felt right again as Caudill penned their new single, “Come On Down”, sealing the deal to embark on this next phase of Gameface. Weathering through loves, losses, fatherhood and even real jobs, Gameface has come back together to make music that matters now.

Pre-orders for Now Is What Matters Now will launch in the coming weeks, along with details on an upcoming CD release show.

1. Come On Down
2. Swing State (ft. Frank Daly of Big Drill Car)
3. Regular Size (ft. Frank Daly)
4. Now (ft. Jon Bunch of Sense Field)
5. Picture Day (ft. Kay Hanley of Letters To Cleo)
6. Lifetime Achievement Award
7. Always On (ft. Arty Shepherd of Errortype:11)
8. Save Your Words
9. The Quiet Type
10. Frames
11. My Troubled Half