Ghost Thrower sign to Equal Vision, announce EP

Ghost Thrower, featuring Travis Alexander (formerly of Therefore I Am) has signed to Equal Vision Records.

The Boston-based punk band is comprised of Alexander on vocals and guitar, Nick Webster [ex-Shipwreck A.D.] on bass, Robbie Rose [ex-Bravo Fucking Bravo, Lunglust] on drums, and Ben Anderson on guitar.

Get Miserable, the first EP by Ghost Thrower, will officially be released on Equal Vision Records on April 19th. Featuring two new songs and remixed/remasted versions of three previously released songs, the album will be available through digital retailers, such as iTunes and Amazon, and on 7″ vinyl at shows and on

Growing organically from the ashes of Therefore I Am’s disbanding in 2010, Ghost Thrower served as an escape from the troubles surrounding Alexander at the time. He discloses, “A dear relationship ended, my band (the only thing I’ve known for five years) was breaking up and a close family member passed away. On a more superficial level, I was completely poor, jobless and homeless. I had a bad brain. Nothing was normal, nothing was cool and most of all, nothing felt good.”

“I had a lot of song ideas, so I used my friend’s attic to record some demos and one-liners from my notebook and I found solace in music again,” Alexander explains. “I literally listened to nothing but the demos on repeat for weeks and realized that these songs had a weird way of helping me commiserate with my own misery. I figured that if I could write bummed out music for bummed out people to connect with, I might find some sort of happiness (as well as supplying some to others).”

Ghost Thrower brings the same punk elements, rawness and energy of Therefore I Am, with a grittier, more emotional and in-your-face feel. Most songs on the EP were recorded simply in one take, with the first recording of the demo being the first time Alexander had played all the parts, and the second time being the final recordings for the EP. The unique, D.I.Y. recording style captures the innateness of the music and lyrics, with a contant sense of free flowing urgency and emotion.

The complete tracklisting for the upcoming digital/vinyl EP release of Get Miserable can be seen below:


1. Get Miserable
2. I Never Damned You
3. For Austin
4. Chemistry Sells
5. Prima and Sinatra