Hot Cross breaks up (2000 – 2007)

Just days before their scheduled tour with Fear Before The March of Flames and This Will Destroy You, influential Philadelphia-based four-piece Hot Cross have broken up. Last Friday the band released a note through their website simply stating:

Thanks for everything. We are indefinitely inactive as of 7/6/07. No reason to get into why this is happening. Just know we appreciate your support over the last seven years.

For the majority of their career, Hot Cross put out their own releases through drummer Greg Drudy’s own Level Plane Records, booked their own tours, and navigated every aspect of their band. But by the fall of 2006, they had exhausted all available resources and were ready to take the next step. In an effort to focus more time and energy on writing and performing music rather than marketing it, Hot Cross signed with newly formed Equal Vision sub-label, Hope Division Records. On February 20th, 2007 Hot Cross released what would become their final album – Risk Revival.

Hot Cross created some of the most ambitious, caustic and honest hardcore the genre has ever witnessed in the past several years. We will surely feel the void that Hot Cross has left in our world.