It’s been seven years since No Devotion––featuring vocalist Geoff Rickly (vocalist of Thursday), bassist Stuart Richardson, and guitarist Lee Gaze––released their outstanding, Kerrang Album Of The Year-winning debut, Permanence.

Following a string of extremely unfortunate events, the members began to reimagine the project as a personal lab of new sounds; a private vault where they could store some of their most personal experiences. That is… until now.

Out this September 16, No Devotion will release No Oblivion, their long-awaited follow-up album recorded and produced/mixed by Richardson. Getting to hear what the trio has been creating over the years, solely for one another and the joy of the process, is a blinding feat.

Out today, “Repeaters” is a glaring reflection of the album it shares its name with––a profound work that is deeply rich in texture, innovative in form, and full of pain.

No Oblivion tracklist:
1. Starlings
2. No Oblivion
3. A Sky Deep And Clear
4. Love Songs From Fascist Italy
5. The End of Longing
6. Endless Desire
7. Repeaters
8. In A Broken Land