Today, nowHere is debuting a music video for the song “Black” from their debut full-length album, Hell Knows I’m Miserable Now, at

“Filming “Black” was the most fun because it was the first video Anays and I appear together in,” shares nowHere’s Trey Hales. “Knowing that, we themed the video for a party and a celebration, because that’s what it was for us. nowHere was one year old (to us) and just born (to the public), so what better way to kick that off than going wild with your best friend? Also, Anays had always wanted to smash a guitar. I think we all can relate to that. As the director for all of the nowHere videos, I wanted to make that dream come true. That is truly what nowHere is about for us, doing exactly what we’ve always wanted but never did.”