Olympia Writing, Recording, Seeking New Vocalist

Washington DC’s Olympia, have recently signed with Endangered Group Management which is owned and operated by Brian Southall (The Receiving End Of Sirens) and Kyle Johnson (Misery Signals) who’s roster includes ‘The Famine’ & ‘Rose Funeral’ among others.

In other Olympia news, vocalist Phil Williams has decided to step down as frontman & the band is currently seeking a permanent replacement. Here’s a statement from the band:

“We wish Phil the best of luck. He’s a great singer & a great friend. Right now we’re just anxious to find a replacement and keep moving forward. We’ve been working hard writing & recording a ton of new material and its coming out amazing. A lot of things have been coming together for us personally and professionally as a band so we figured now would be as good a time as any to announce that we are looking for a singer. This whole situation has re-energized us so to speak, and these new songs are coming out heavier then our previous stuff and it’s really exciting.”

Olympia has been writing & recording new material for their follow up to their 2007 debut Emergencies. As soon as they find a singer they plan on finishing the writing process and entering the studio sometime in late 08 or early 09. Think you have what it takes to sing for Olympia? Contact them through the Olympia MySpace & let ’em know. Previous experience and recordings are a must!

You can purchase Olympia’s debut Emergencies on iTunes and at MerchNow.