Places And Numbers to Release New EP “Notes From The Dead Zone”

Places And Numbers has announced the upcoming release of a new EP, Notes From The Dead Zone. The album will be available November 22nd on Equal Vision Records.

Places And Numbers is the solo project of Bobby Darling, guitarist of Gatsbys American Dream. Notes From the Dead Zone is the follow-up to Darling’s debut solo EP, Waking The Dead, which was released in March 2010.

“The Notes From the Dead Zone EP is a preview of a future full-length album,” states Darling. “The songs continue where the Waking The Dead EP ended but also show off some different aspects of Places And Numbers. I’m really excited about these songs and cannot wait for people to hear them.”

The title track from Notes From The Dead Zone is currently streaming on Places And Numbers’ MySpace.

MTV’s “Book Club” is also featuring Darling this week, talking about his love of The Stand.

1. When Time is All You Have
2. A Wizard of Earthsea
3. Tectonic
4. Notes From The Dead Zone