Secret Space is premiering their mesmerizing new music video for “Pit of My Stomach at The song comes from the band’s self-titled debut EP, which was released last week via Equal Vision Records. Secret Space EP can heard in full now at

The Toledo, OH-based trio draws influences from modern indie pop and 90s emo rock; And is comprised of vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Dean Tartaglia, bassist Zach Ruetz and drummer Steve Warstler.

“We worked closely with our great friend and videographer Chance Duffy, who lives just outside Toledo,” shares Tartaglia. “We actually never had a “script” for our shoot, but rather experimented with concepts chasing an aesthetic until we found it. The live footage used is one continuous take, and we ended up loving the claustrophobic shots and blurred angles. It wasn’t until the editing process that we realized color needed to be our narrative. The extra footage used is from 50s outer space films, but with the added element of color to bring them into our world. Conceptually, Failure’s “Fantastic Planet” was a huge influence throughout the editing process, mixing in similar elements of outer space, deep sea, inner fear and physical conflict.”

“Lyrically, “Pit of My Stomach” is all about creative anxiety. Reaching a point where outside perceptions of yourself no longer effect your decisions. Being able to let your creativity and truest self come out at the most unexpected times…an idea I feel is universally understood, even if you aren’t a musician or an artist.”

Of the new EP he reveals, “The decision to make the EP self-titled was a very conscious one. Having never even played live before we recorded the EP, these recordings were the first moments we discovered our sound as a band, and discovered what the words “Secret Space” meant to us. Endless thanks to Mat Kerekes (Citizen) for producing the EP and the risks he helped us take in finding our sound. He played a huge role in preproduction and reworking the form of a few of the songs as well. The first time we listened to the EP was the first time we truly heard Secret Space in vibrant color. Lyrically, I am hugely influenced by Elliott Smith; the way in which he takes snapshots of his daily life but makes them relatable to others by using universal language. I can safely say this EP is the first time every word I chose was completely genuine, completely open and honest, with no stone left unturned.”

Prior to the new EP, the band had only released two songs – “Stay For A While” and “Standing And Waiting” – as part of a split with The Flats.

Secret Space EP is available now on all digital retailers and for pre-order on vinyl, CD and cassette at, and for a limited time only is available for free via Bandcamp at

Secret Space EP
1. Everybody Knows
2. Pit Of My Stomach
3. New Heights
4. I Will Not Survive This