Take Action Vol. 10 to include Chiodos, Texas In July, more!

Take Action Volume 10 is available for pre-order starting today, and includes tracks from Chiodos, Texas In July, and Life On Repeat!

Hopeless Records, through their non-profit organization Sub City, present a compilation for charity. The 2 disc compilation features 31 tracks, including 24 exclusives! The compilation releases April 26th in stores and online and is now available for pre-order. There are various pre-order bundles available you can find HERE.

Disc 1
1. Shane Told (of Silverstein) – PSA*
2. Silverstein ft. Ryan Key (of Yellowcard) – Stay Posi*
3. Bayside – Battle Scars*
4. Polar Bear Club – Living Saints
5. Four Year Strong – Bad Newz Bears*
6. Life On Repeat – Myself In Mirrors
7. Twin Atlantic – What Is Light? What Is Laughter? (Skrillex Remix)*
8. Circa Survive – I Felt Free (Step Brother Remix)*
9. VersaEmerge – Fire [Aim Your Arrows High] (Brian Southall Remix)*
10. I See Stars – Upside Down (Hi-Deaf Remix)*
11. Iwrestledabearonce – Tastes Like Kevin Bacon (Big Chocolate Covered Bacon Remix)*
12. Woe Is Me – Delinquents (Andrew Wade Remix)*
13. Chiodos – New Thought Movement*
14. I Set My Friends On Fire – I Come Naturally*
15. Texas In July – Magnolia
16. Former Thieves – Dust…American Dust*

Disc 2
1. All Time Low – Alejandro (Originally By Lady Gaga)*
2. We Are The In Crowd – Lights Out (Acoustic)*
3. The Ready Set – Love Like Woe (Acoustic)*
4. The Summer Set – Young (Acoustic Remix)*
5. Amely – Start Over*
6. Divided By Friday – Lost In Limbo
7. Veara – Getting Kicked In The Face Has Never Been So Much Fun
8. Sparks The Rescue – Forever In My Songs*
9. You, Me, And Everyone We Know – A Little Bit More (Acoustic)*
10. The Wonder Years – Aside (Originally By The Weakerthans)*
11. The Swellers – Ups And Downsizing (Acoustic)*
12. The Dangerous Summer – Northern Lights (Acoustic)
13. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Hate Song For Brains*
14. Aficionado – Stay Local*
15. Fake Problems – Bands With Business Plans*

(* signifies exclusive or previously unreleased material)