The Color Fred Opens Premium Site to PETA2 Members

For the month of November, Modlife – the social networking site founded by Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves member Tom DeLonge – is opening up “premium” membership to The Color Fred’s page for free to members of PETA2!

For those who don’t know, premium members on Modlife get access to live webcasts, video blogs, text blogs, exclusive contests, high-quality music videos, and more. Other bands on Modlife include Angels and Airwaves, Finch, From First To Last, and Forever The Sickest Kids.

In addition you’ll receive a 15% off coupon to Loserkids, which includes vegan Macbeth Footwear products. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Modlife is also giving away a pair of tickets to every show on Fred’s current tour with Hawthorne Heights (when he picks up the tour again November 22nd), and the only way to enter is to be a registered user.

To sign up and get more info visit the PETA2 Blog. While you’re there, watch Fred’s video, “Meat’s Not Green,” where he talks about what tempted him to become vegan, and why it’s an important lifestyle choice to him.