Columbus, Ohio based post-rock band, The End Of The Ocean, shared their newest sprawling single, “desire”, today via a premiere with Revolver Magazine. “desire” follows the band’s highly anticipated return to releasing new music with “bravado” earlier this month. Both tracks will be featured on their upcoming sophomore album, -aire, which will be their first album since 2012. “desire” starts with a serene piano riff before the calmness is utterly destroyed. That simple piano is then expertly woven back into the song like the sun breaking through a dissipating storm, resulting in the sort of sonic dynamism that fans have grown to love from The End Of The Ocean. Produced by Mike Watts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassjaw), -aire will be released by Equal Vision Records on January 18th, 2019 and is now available for pre-order. The band will play their record release show that day at Ace of Cups in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Speaking on the track the band says:

“Desire is a sprawling landscape of multiple meanings. It is a motivator for action, it attaches meaning where there may not have been any before, and at it’s worst it is the impetus for intense personal torture, a deep ache of longing. With “desire”, we set out to showcase all interpretations of the word but leave room for the listener’s own reflection.”

After reaching a breaking point following the release of their highly praised 2011 debut full length, Pacific-Atlantic, the band had to pump the breaks for fear of tearing themselves apart. With so much going on in their personal lives, Tara Mayer (keys) says that they needed to “give ourselves a chance to hurt so that we could have the chance to heal” before even thinking about another release. The past few years forced the band to come to terms with their own humanity and mortality, as well as that of their bandmates and friends. Once they were finally in a place with their personal lives that allowed them to focus on new music, the collaborative experience of writing that would become their next album, -aire, ended up being a big part of their healing process. This undertaking forged a bond that is stronger than ever between Kevin Shannon (Guitar), Trish Chisholm (Guitar), Tara Mayer (Keys), Jason Han (Bass), and Wes Jackson (Drums), who make up The End Of The Ocean.

-aire will be released in January of 2019 on Equal Vision Records. It balances rich, thoughtful melodic passages, high-energy riff-wielding and truly epic climatic outpourings. The band has always been championed for their maelstrom of nostalgia, hope, beauty, melancholy, chaos and tranquility. Fans will experience a bigger, bolder version of that tempest with it’s release.

Album Tracklist:
1. endure
2. bravado
3. jubilant
4. self
5. homesick
6. forsaken
7. redemption
8. ascend
9. desire
10. birthright