The Fall of Troy to release “In The Unlikely Event” October 6th

Mukilteo, Washington’s The Fall Of Troy, one of the hottest developing bands in the post-hardcore genre, has completed their brand-new album, In The Unlikely Event which is set for release on October 6, 2009 on Equal Vision Records. Recorded in Seattle, Washington with producer Terry Date (Deftones, Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins), the band’s 12-song follow-up to their 2007 breakthrough Manipulator, the Fall Of Troy has expanded their progressive punk sound to craft their most focused and fully realized album to date. In The Unlikely Event is also the band’s first album to feature new bassist Frank Ene who now joins guitarist/vocalist Thomas Erak and drummer Andrew Forsman.

"I feel like this album is a new direction for The Fall Of Troy," Erak explains. "We want to keep growing and become something that nobody expected we’d become… even ourselves," he continues, adding that the group has never felt as if they’ve been a part of any regimented ‘scene.’ "It’s all in the pursuit of experimentation; I think this is us growing up and taking all those early experiments and trying to filter them down to come up with the best possible representation of who we are." The album also shows how much the band has grown by touring with everyone from Deftones to Coheed And Cambria over the past few years.

“Making this record was a great adventure,” said producer Date. “These guys are spontaneous, creative, and their ideas never stopped.”

As with the band’s previous albums, the new music remains unpredictable and notoriously hard to pigeonhole. From jaw-droppingly technical rock anthems like "Battleship Graveyard" and blazing punk tracks like "Straight-Jacket Keelhauled," to mathematical melodic rockers like "A Classic Case Of Transference" and the laid-back love song "Nobody’s Perfect," In The Unlikely Event is an album that will satisfy long-time fans of the band—but in typical The Fall Of Troy fashion, continue to challenge them as well.

The Fall of Troy’s Erak has already attracted the attention of guitar magazines on at least two continents. Guitar World singled out his guitar-playing abilities as “one of the most unique and inventive in recent memory,” while the UK’s Guitarist wrote, “one of the most striking aspects[is] Erak’s frankly bewildering breakneck guitar playing.”

Live, the Fall of Troy has become known for their blazing and relentless, full-on interactive sets; one major Southern California daily called one of their shows “the best performance I’ve ever seen at this venue.” In support of In The Unlikely Event, The Fall Of Troy will hit the road this summer, details will be announced shortly.