The Prize Fighter Inferno posts unreleased song

The Prize Fighter Inferno, which is the solo project of Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez, have posted an unreleased song called “From China With Love” on MySpace. Read below for an update from Claudio:

Alright, since you’ve all been so patient with this project, I’ve decided to give you all a special treat for your dedication. Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans for Inferno. Please know that we are staying creative and hope to have something for you soon, but don’t hold your breath just yet. Anyway, this is a tune I wrote several years ago that didn’t make the “Blood Machine” cut, but listening to it now makes me wonder why I decided that. I think it’s the sample at the beginning, which was taken on my first trip to Paris, where and when the initial concept for Co & Ca was created. I thought you’d all get a kick out of that little bit of trivia. I needed to know some french so I could get around (although I don’t know how learning to say,”I have a venereal diease” was going to help me buy a panini from the corner shop.) Hopefully new surroundings will birth new songs as well, but I hope this song helps you get by while we work on the next one.

The Prize Fighter Inferno last released My Brother’s Blood Machine through Equal Vision on Halloween 2006. Purchase the album through