The Sound of Animals Fighting re-issue debut EP June 26th

The Sound of Animals Fighting are set to re-issue their out-of-print debut EP, Tiger & The Duke, on June 26, 2007 through Equal Vision Records.

As an anonymous progressive rock group, The Sound of Animals Fighting have released two albums, Tiger & The Duke (2005), and Lover, The Lord Has Left Us… (2006), all while keeping its collaborators a general mystery.

Most recently the group issued a limited-press DVD entitled We Must Become The Change We Want To See, a title inspired by Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.

This new version of Tiger & The Duke features fully remixed and remastered versions of the original songs, new interludes between each track, and original artwork created by Drew Roulette of Dredg. Also included on the disc are alternate versions of eight songs from the group’s 2006 full-length, Lover, The Lord Has Left Us…, that have been completely remixed by Portugal The Man, Technology, Evol Intent, and more.